5 Summer Beauty Tips With Natural Ingredients

5 Summer Beauty Tips With Natural Ingredients

Summer is all about taking fun outdoor with your friends, enjoying the beautiful weather whenever you get the chance. While it’s our preferred season for obvious reasons, there are some aspects of the warm weather that can really put a damper on your loveliness. So take care of your skin you always need some natural ingredients quick skin care tips. Here we will let you know simple and important skin care tips that are perfect for every summer woe.

1. Keep Color From Fading With Vinegar

No matter what your hair color, salt water and the blazing sun can really dull the shade. But no worries by applying cider vinegar will brighten them back up! Just transfer 1/2 cup into a spray bottle and spritz your hair. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes, and rinse it out. Use this tip every time you spend the day outdoor.

2. Use Potato as An Exfoliator

If you go nail salon weekly for pedis, just leave this routine from now and grab a potato! Cut it in half, and coat it in coarse sea salt. Scrub it on the lowest and sides of your feet an instant exfoliator!

3. Freeze Aleo Vera Gel in Ice Cubes to Treat Sun Burns

As much as we try to avoid sunburn, there are just some days when we miss a spot while putting it on, or we overlook to reapply during a day outdoor. Aloe vera is one of the perfect ways to pacify burned skin, but chilled aloe vera is even better. Fill up an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and preserve it in your freezer all summer long, then pop out a cube or 2 when you need some additional relief. It will instantly help to soothe your poorly skin.

4. Remove Water Proof Makeup With Oils

In summer you will definitely use to apply waterproof makeup. however taking it all off at the end of the day can be tricky, mainly in the slight eye area. Think castor oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. For those with oily skins that are hopping right to the next tip, think again: Oil naturally dissolves the dirty “oils” on your skin (makeup) without doffing of the skin of its natural oils, which is the reason the skin to yield excess oil in the first place. Rub the oil of your choice onto dry skin, softly massaging in a round motion as you go. Let the oil sit on your skin for a few minutes before eliminating the oil with a washcloth stifled with warm water.

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